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Our focus to improve access to quality healthcare in Tajikistan has been a long-standing priority for the Aga Khan Development Network. Today, AKHS, Tajikistan operates medical and diagnostic centres, alongside outreach centres in remote parts of the country to deliver health education, provide health screenings and to offer critical care to those who it most.

Health Centres & Clinics

Health Centres are critical to the network we have established in Tajikistan as they allow us to make connections with people who need access to quality healthcare right within the communities in which they live.

Dushanbe Medical and Diagnostic Centre

Dushanbe Medical and Diagnostic Centre


Full range of consultation clinics: gynaecology, obstetrics, dermatology, cardiology, internal medicine, paediatrics
Laboratory services: biochemistry, microbiology, haematology
Radiology: general ultrasound, ECG, general radiology (X-ray) services
Dental clinic
Ophthalmology clinic (eye care)

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33 Bobojon Gafurov Street
Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Aga Khan Health Centre, Darvoz

Aga Khan Health Centre, Rushon

CEO Tajikistan - Aga Khan Health Services

Message from Dr. Husniya Dorghabekova

Chief Executive Officer, Aga Khan Health Service, Tajikistan

The Aga Khan Development Network has been working to improve the quality of healthcare in Tajikistan since 1997. The work we do at AKHS, Tajikistan builds on this legacy and follows a similar appraoch where we partner closely with the Department of Health to make a measurable impact in the geographical area of Gorno-Badakshan, which has historically experienced the poorest health outcomes.

Our focus in this effort has been to protect and promote the health status of the most vulnerable in Tajik society (i.e., women of reproductive age and children under five years of age). We are also working actively with the Government to shift the focus of the healthcare system from curative care provided in general and specialised hospitals to an emphasis on primary and family care supported by facility-based services.

Our Local Leadership Team

Dr. Husniya Dorghabekova

Dr. Husniya Dorghabekova

Chief Executive Officer

Manager Kimiyo 11zon AKHS

Kimiyo Alibekova

Manager, Aga Khan Medical Centre, Khorog

Team Member Tajikistan

Dr. Guldarbogh Sadonshoeva

National Program Manager, Community Health, Aga Khan Health Service, Tajikistan

History and Milestones

Over the years, Aga Khan Health Service, Tajikistan has developed a robust offering of services that improve the quality of healthcare provided to Tajik society. Our work has focused on providing scalable, sustainable solutions that not only focus on healthcare delivery but also continuing medical education to create capacity within the health system.
Diagnostic Centres


The Pharmaceutical project is launched in Tajikistan to provide access to high-quality essential drugs to the population.

Diagnostic Centres


Community health programs are launched to address public health concerns with a focus on maternal, neonatal, and child health.

Diagnostic Centres


Community Health Program offering is expanded to offer services in Khatlon.

Diagnostic Centres


New Community Health Programs are launched, focusing on non-communicable diseases (NCD), with training offered to primary healthcare staff. 

Diagnostic Centres


New projects are introduced to drive the delivery of health services in Tajikistan’s cross-border regions.

Diagnostic Centres


Primary Health Care delivery is strengthened through the introduction of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population (MOHSP) reform on the approach for Family Medicine in GBAO with a focus on the regions of Khatlon (2010) and Rasht (2013).

Diagnostic Centres


Community Health Program offering is expanded to offer services in Rasht.

Diagnostic Centres


An e-Health approach is established to offer an innovative solution that enables the delivery of health services closer to hard and resource-limited areas, as well as obtain access to modern, evidence-based medicines through connection to Aga Khan University Hospital, French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children (FMIC), and the Ismaili Health Professionals Association (IHPA) team in the USA.


AKHS, Tajikistan partners with the Ministry of Health to launch a breast cancer screening programme, and a training for family medicine doctors (FMDs) and family medicine nurses (FMNs).  Between 2014 and 2017 47 FMDs (85% of all FMDs in GBAO), 166 FMNs (55% of all FMNs in GBAO), and six master trainers were trained.

Diagnostic Centres


The Ismaili Health Professionals Network (IHPA) introduces community-based clinical breast examinations and early identification of cervical cancer to tackle the burden of women’s cancers.

Diagnostic Centres


AKHS, Tajikistan begins operations at the Dushanbe Medical and Diagnostic Centre (DMDC), offering a full range of consultation clinics, high-quality dental clinic, ophthalmology clinic, central laboratory and radiology services.

Diagnostic Centres


AKHS, Tajikistan begins operations at the Aga Khan Medical Centre, Khorog to provide outpatient care, diagnostics, and physiotherapy services.

Diagnostic Centres


The Aga Khan Medical Centre, Khorog expands its offerings to include in-patient, as well as emergency management services, adding an additional 48 beds to its facility.  Additional provisions are made for future growth, as needed.


AKHS, Tajikistan begins operating outreach facilities in the districts of Rushan and Darvaz to meet the health needs of the rural population in close coordination with the Aga Khan Medical Centre, Khorog.

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