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The Aga Khan Hospital for Women and Children, Kharadar
was established on 15 April 1924 as a Maternity Home with the support of His Highness Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III and the philanthropic efforts of Vazir Bundeh Ali Kassim. The Maternity Home was originally named the Janbai Maternity Home after the mother of the founder, Mrs. Jan Bai Kassim.

With the introduction of an advanced general surgery unit for women, the maternity home now functions as a full-fledged hospital for women and children and has been renamed as the Aga Khan Hospital for Women and Children, Kharadar.
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Expansion of Hospital Services in Karachi

The Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan renamed three of its maternity homes in Karachi to reflect the upgrading and expansion of its centres.

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