Admission Guide

Emergency Cases

The Department admits patients 24 hours a day (including public holidays). Emergency cases are given immediate attention by medical staff.

Elective (Non-Emergency) Cases

Patients who are referred by consultants or family physicians are advised to register themselves at the admissions office a day or two in advance and indicate accommodation preference to ensure availability and avoid unnecessary delays.

Medico-Legal Cases

Medico-legal cases can be admitted to the Hospital. It is mandatory for the police to be informed of these admissions.


Patients can register at the Admission counter. A deposit is required.

Patients are advised to review information on bed/room charges before deciding on their preferred accommodation. It is best to decide on the bed/room choice during admission as transfer to another class later may require time.

If the preferred class is unavailable, the Hospital offers patients the next best available option and transfers the patient once there is a vacancy. Please note that all charges, with the exception of pharmacy (medication), vary with the admission class.

In cases when a patient requests a transfer from a lower to a higher class, additional charges are added at higher class rates for all services rendered from the day of admission. The Hospital does not normally allow a transfer from a higher to lower class unless there is a request for the lower class during admission.

Patients are advised to discuss approximate treatments costs with their consultant prior to admission.

Consent Form

At time of admission, the patient or accompanying individual will have to sign a consent form. Before surgery, the consent form must be signed by the patient or next of kin. For patients below 18, the form must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Patients are advised to carefully read and understand the details of the forms before signing them. Please ask the consultant or Hospital staff explain and clarify any doubts.

What to bring?

  • Address and telephone book;
  • Bedroom slippers, nightgown, brush/comb, toiletries;
  • Reading material;
  • Spectacles, contact lenses or dentures;
  • For maternity cases, a special handout is given at time of registration.

Patients can bring a mobile phone but are responsible for its safe custody. Patients are advised to be sensitive to the needs of other patients when using their mobile phones.

What not to bring?

  • Electrical and electronic appliances;
  • Personal medication (if regular medication is required, patients are advised to seek the doctor's advice to avoid complications);
  • Cash, jewellery or valuables;
  • Home cooked food;
  • Weapons;
  • Narcotics and alcoholic beverages.

The Hospital cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to valuables, clothing or other personal items during a patients' stay. Patients are strongly advised to leave valuables at home or arrange for them to be sent home. Spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids and dentures should be kept in protective containers in the patient's room when not used.


  • Deluxe: Single occupancy (air-conditioned with television, refrigerator, telephone, attached bath and couch for attendant);
  • Twin Sharing: Twin occupancy (shared bath, couch for attendant with telephone at nursing station to receive incoming calls);
  • Quadruple occupancy (four patients sharing a room). A reclining chair is available for the attendant, with common bath and toilet facilities for each floor.

Maternity Ward Accomodation

  • "A" Deluxe: Single occupancy (air-conditioned with television, refrigerator, telephone, attached bath and couch for attendant);
  • "A" Twin Sharing: Twin occupancy (attached bath);
  • "Economy": Six beds at subsidised rates.

Only female relatives are allowed in the Labour Ward Waiting Room until delivery.

Patient Meal Services

Patients are advised to eat only food served by the Food and Nutrition Services department. Meals are prepared based on the diet recommended by the physician.

Patients can ring the Nutrition Services Hotline at extension 23777857 to report any food allergies, eating difficulties or any other food concerns. If necessary, the attending physician can request nutrition education services from the Hospital's registered dietician.

Although the standard menu is non-vegetarian, the Hospital can provide vegetarian and vegan (including Jain) meals. The Hospital kitchen also can provide meals for attendants or guardians. Patients can place their request through the ward nurse. Separate charges are levied for this service.

Private Nurse Care

Patients are provided with nursing care based on their needs. Patients requiring the care of a private nurse should contact the Sister-In-Charge. This service is available at an additional charge. The Hospital does not encourage patients to engage this service unless special needs make it absolutely essential.

Birth Certificate

Before discharge, patients are advised to provide correct and complete details for birth certificate processing. An error could mean several avoidable trips to the Municipal office. Birth certificates can be collected from the local Municipality by producing the Hospital discharge card.

Visiting Hours

Wards: 1600 - 1900hrs
Intensive Care Unit: 1600 - 1800hrs

Visitor Passes

"A" Deluxe: 2 passes
"A" and Economy: 1 pass

Children below 12 years of age are not allowed as visitors. An exception is made for siblings of newborns.

Patients are requested to ensure their friends, relatives and well wishers observe the Hospital's visiting hours.


Consultants decide when a patient is ready to be discharged. Discharge normally occurs during working hours and is completed before noon, when possible, to avoid extra day charges. Before leaving the Hospital, patients should ensure:

  • A discharge card is issued;
  • Copies of all reports and X-rays are taken in safe custody;
  • Instructions for follow-up care are received and understood;
  • Personal belongings have been collected.

Follow-up Treatment

Follow-up visits and treatment are normally administered at the outpatient department or the consultant's room.

Home Sample Collection Service

For the patient's ease, the Hospital has a home collection service for all blood and urine tests. Trained staff collect samples in the privacy and comfort of a patient's home and deliver these reports. For further details, please contact:

Patient Relation Officer
Aga Hall
Nesbit Road, Mazagaon
Mumbai-400 010

Telephone: +91 22 23777800/900, 23777934
Fax: +91 22 23743820
E-mail: Send a message

Patient Feedback

The Hospital welcomes suggestions. Patients may raise issues and concerns at any point during their stay. The Patient Relations Officer may contact patients from time to time during their stay or at discharge.

Admission Deposit

A deposit of Rs. 40,000, 30,000 and 10,000 is payable on admission in the single occupancy, twin occupancy and economy rooms, respectively. In cases of emergency, a partial deposit is acceptable with the remaining amount disbursed within 24 hours of admission.


The Hospital presents a medical bill every third day of stay. All patients (except corporate clients and those under an insurance scheme guaranteeing cashless service) are expected to make payment on the same day. During discharge, patients are presented with a final bill (less deposit amount) and expected to disburse any outstanding amount. Patients are advised to credit their account with any unused medicines. For billing queries, please contact:

Assistant Finance Officer
Billing Department
Aga Hall
Nesbit Road, Mazagaon
Mumbai-400 010

Telephone: +92 22 2375 4343/42, 2375 4422, 2372 2139/40/41
Fax: +92 22 2374 3820
E-mail: Send a message

Self-paying Patients

An initial deposit is payable at admission. Exceptions are made in emergency cases when admission may be allowed on partial deposit. The balance must be arranged within 12 hours of admission.

Corporate Patients

Certain companies have credit arrangements with the Hospital. Depending on the employer's policy, employees may be required to bring a letter of undertaking clearly indicating the recommended ward facilities. In cases of emergency, the letter can be submitted the following day.

Patients with Medical Insurance

Patients with medical insurance policies should seek assistance from Hospital staff on admission procedures. Emergency patients are admitted with TPA-issued identity cards. However, a letter of authority should be presented to the Hospital within 24 hours specifying the patients' credit limit.

Payment Modalities

The Hospital accepts cash or credit cards (Mastercard or Visa). Cheques are not accepted.

Hospital Health Card Scheme

The Hospital's Health Card Scheme enables patients to access diagnostic and most out-patient services, at a 20 percent discount. There are two health cards, both valid for a year:

  • Individual Health Card: Priced at Rs 99, patients can access services up to a cumulative discount of Rs 3,000 annually;
  • Family Health Card: Priced at Rs 199, patients and up to four family members can access services up to a cumulative discount of Rs 5,000 annually.

Ambulance Services

The Hospital arranges for an ambulance upon request. Please contact the Admission Counter for information.


Visitors are requested to park on the Hospital grounds without blocking staff parking areas and the Hospital entrance.


The Hospital morgue is available free of charge for a 24 hours a day. For details contact the Admission Counter.

Contact Information

For any medical/non-medical questions or clarifications, please contact the Patient Relations Officer on the ground floor.

Patient Relations Officer/Receptionist/Sister-In-Charge of ward
The Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Mumbai
Aga Hall
Nesbit Road, Mazagaon
Mumbai-400 010

Telephone: +91 22 23777800/900
Fax: +91 22 23743820
E-mail: Send a message

Overseas Patients

International Patient Centre
The Hospital understands that seeking medical treatment in a foreign country can be overwhelming. It therefore tries to make patient stays as comfortable and smooth as possible.

The Hospital's International Patient Centre provides comprehensive services to assist referring physicians and international patients requiring consultation, a second opinion or treatment.

Services offered include:

  • Arranging physician appointments;
  • Coordination of the admissions process;
  • Transportation arrangements including airport pick up and transfer to the Hospital;
  • Long and short-term lodging arrangements for patients and families;
  • Assistance with financial arrangements including advance fee estimates, deposits and payments;
  • Interpretation services.

For more information or inquiries:
International Patient Centre
Prince Aly Khan Hospital
Aga Hall
Nesbit Road, Mazagaon
Mumbai-400 010

Telephone: +91 22 23777800/900, 23777918
Fax: +91 22 23743820
E-mail: Send a message