Frequent questions

Is the Aga Khan Health Services a non-profit organisation?
The Aga Khan Health Service is an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network, a not-for-profit organisation.

Is the Hospital only for Ismailis?
The Aga Khan Hospitals are committed to make long-term, sustainable, high quality healthcare accessible to as many individuals as possible, regardless of religious, racial or ethnic background.

It is an equal opportunity employer with fair hiring policies based on qualifications and competency.

Who are Third Party Administrators (TPAs)?
Third Party Administrators are licensed service providers appointed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) to facilitate medical insurance claims on behalf of patients.

What is a cashless facility?
In cases of planned hospitalisations, the medical policyholder provides the Third Party Administrator (TPA) with the necessary medical details in advance. Once the pre-authorisation is issued, the TPA guarantees payment on the patients' behalf. The patient then need not pay for the medical service. In emergency cases, the pre-authorisation can be provided within 24 hours of hospitalisation.

How does a patient know if they qualify for the cashless facility?
Patients must confirm their TPA is affiliated to the Hospital. If so, all medical details (admission request note) must be provided to the TPA. Upon receipt of the request, the TPA provides pre-admission authorisation on a case-to-case basis.

When do patients have to file a claim?
The patient only needs to file a claim if the cashless facility is not available at the Hospital. Original copies of all relevant medical documents must be submitted with the claim form.

How do patients make TPA affiliation and other queries?
Marketing Department
The Prince Aly Khan Hospital
Aga Hall
Nesbit Road, Mazagaon
Mumbai-400 010

Telephone: +91 22 23777948
Fax: +91 22 2374 3820
E-mail: Send a message

Are discounts available on medical investigations?
The Hospital's Health Card Scheme enables patients to access diagnostic and most out-patient services, at a 20 percent discount. There are two health cards, both valid for a year:

  • Individual Health Card: Priced at Rs 99, patients can access services up to a cumulative discount of Rs 3,000 annually;
  • Family Health Card: Priced at Rs 199, patients and up to four family members can access services up to a cumulative discount of Rs 5,000 annually.

How does a patient make a medical appointment or health check up?
Please contact the Reception to arrange medical appointments or
Telephone: +91 22 23777992

What should patients bring for their Hospital stay?
Patients are advised to bring:

  • Address and telephone book;
  • Bedroom slippers, nightgown, brush/comb, toiletries;
  • Reading material;
  • Spectacles, contact lenses or dentures;
  • For maternity cases, a special handout is given at time of registration.

Does a patient need to sign consent forms?
Consent forms for treatment or surgery must be signed by the patient, a close relative or by an attorney. Parents or guardians must sign on behalf of minors. Patients are advised to carefully read and understand the details of the forms before signing them. Please ask the consultant or hospital staff explain and clarify any doubts.

Should patients continue prior personal medication?
Unless instructed otherwise by the physician, patients are advised not to bring any prior medication. Admitted patients are requested to inform ward staff immediately of all medication and how frequently it is currently taken.

All medication received during a patient's stay is administered by the Hospital pharmacy and is dispensed from the nursing station. Patients must inform their physician or nurse of any drug allergies to avoid complications.

Does the Hospital keep patients medical records?
Yes. The Hospital's medical records department files a patient's medical history and any prior medical treatment received. Each patient is issued with a unique identifying Hospital number to facilitate subsequent retrieval of documents.

What are Day Care Surgeries ?
Day Care surgeries are for patients who require a surgical procedure without an overnight admission to the hospital. There are many advantages to a Day Care admission: less time spent in the hospital, less time lost at work.

How does one contact the Prince Aly Khan Hospital?
The Prince Aly Khan Hospital
Aga Hall
Nesbit Road, Mazagaon
Mumbai-400 010

Telephone: +91 22 23777800/900
Fax: +91 22 2374 3820
E-mail: Send a message

How to reach the Hospital?

By Rail:

  • Ten minute walk from Byculla Station (Central line)
  • Ten minute walk from Dockyard Road Station (Harbour line)
  • About two kilometres from Bombay Central/Mahalaxmi (Western line), the Hospital is accessible by bus routes 48 or 126

By Bus:

  • Ten minute walk from Byculla Bridge Bus Stop
  • Accessible by bus numbers 3, 10, 48 and 126. Alight at Nesbit Road bus stop

From the Airport:

  • 45 minutes drive from International Airport
  • 35 minutes drive from Domestic Airport

What are the Hospital visiting hours?
Wards: 1600 - 1900hrs
Intensive Care Unit: 1600 - 1800hrs