Emergency and Intensive Care

Emergency Department

The Emergency Department ensures that critically ill patients receive high quality care 24 hours a day. Manned by qualified doctors supported by paramedical staff, minor operations can be performed immediately. The examination room has life saving equipment including defibrillators, cardiac monitors and Emergency trolleys. Critical patients have easy access to 24 hour diagnostic services including the Radiology, Pathology, Computed Tomography (CT) Scan and ICCU.

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Ambulance Service

The Hospital offers 24 hour ambulance services. The ambulance is equipped with surgical stretchers, oxygen and crash tray with a doctor and nurse accompanying the patient.

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Intensive Care Unit

An essential component of the Hospital, the Unit has monitoring and resuscitating equipment and is managed by a respiratory medicine and critical care specialist. Its tele-monitoring facilities enable medical staff to analyse and monitor heart rhythms in real time from computers in their clinics or homes. This service allows doctors to monitor patients regularly and enhances quality of patient care.

Intensive Care - General & Cardiac

As a thrust area of the hospital, investments in human resources and technology are concentrated in this 13-bed department. Equipped with the finest of monitoring, resuscitation and life-support equipment, the ICU team of highly trained intensivists, residents, nurses and support staff is ably headed by a specialist in respiratory medicine and critical care. It also has tele-monitoring facilities, enabling doctors to view patient clinical data and cardiac rhythms in real time from PCs in their clinic or home, thus enhancing patient safety very considerably.

Intensive Care - Neonatal & Pediatric

The hospital has a state of the art Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Highly trained staff and continuous monitoring and ventilation are available in the NICU for premature babies and critically ill newborns. The PICU caters for intensive care in pediatric medical and surgical cases. Besides pediatricians, the unit has the services of a neonatal intensivist.